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It has been said that Ensenada is a town built around a bar. An exaggeration, nonetheless Hussong's Cantina, which opened in 1892, has been a major influence.

Beyond the hardcore tourist traps, vineyards, museums, whale watching, and beautiful beaches are some of the attractions to Ensenada. As the third largest city in Baja California, it is one of the most important ports on the Pacific Rim. Don't miss the fish market!

Warm summers and mild winters, sunny days and cool nights are the reason more than 90% of Mexico's wines are produced in Ensenada and its surrounding regions like the Guadalupe Valley. Most wineries offer tours and wine tastings.

The Ensenada Museum of History is located in the Riviera del Pacifico Cultural Center (originally built in the 1930's as a hotel and casino). On display at the museum are original artifacts, handcrafts, new and antique photographs, and paintings depicting the native culture of Baja California.

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